Total RNA Purification Kit

For purification of RNA from cells
The Total RNA Purification Kit uses a membrane-based system to quickly purify intact total RNA from 1 x 10^2 to 5 x 10^6 cells without an organic extraction step, eliminating the need for additional purification steps. The Total RNA Purification Kit includes an on-column DNase I treatment to significantly reduce genomic DNA contamination and ensure the purified RNA is suitable for sensitive downstream applications. Intact total RNA can be isolated in as little as 30 minutes. The Total RNA Purification Kit is not recommended for the purification of small RNAs (< 200 nt), such as miRNA.
  • Total RNA Purification Kit (Catalog #79040)
    • RNA Minicolumns, 50x
    • Collection Tubes, 2 x 50
    • Column Wash Solution, 5 mL
    • 1-Thioglycerol, 900 µL
    • DNase I (lyophilized), 1 x 1 vial
    • Nuclease-Free Water, 13 mL
    • MnCl2, 250 µL
    • RNA Lysis Buffer, 32.5 mL
    • Elution Tubes, 50x
    • RNA Wash Solution, 35 mL
    • DNA Digestion Buffer, 2.5 mL